Simple little things, but SO much fun! Get your own at:

Today we made our own *very impressive* & useful "duct tape" bust forms.

Minky dot pillowcases to fit travel sized pillow. Totally customizable. Also available for standard pillow.

My handmade Yoshi costume v.1 & my version of "Princess Lolly". I was really pleased with the felt crown & added "sticks" to the lolly's on it before shipping.

My three 'handmade' screenprinting projects thus far. Two for large groups and one ETSY order.

'SouthHampton Bunko Babes' BUNCO BABY!

'The Legrand Clan' family reunion shirts

'Most Gutsy' rockband t shirt

The all in one "napmat"...  Available upon request in  fabrics below.
Original design by

My yard sale "child sized glide rocker recover".
After finding a great tutorial for making 3 yards of piping out of a 13 in. sq. of fabric, incurring one injury by my favorite Gingher scissors & a few hours later...
The result... One happy little "rocker"